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Feb 24: Mardi Gras

Archive: Government of the Dead – Hang The Bankers from Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital on Vimeo.

Interviews & Articles

June 18: The Slow Death of Gordon Brown & Astonishing Resurrection of the Labour Party!

June 1: Arrest the Returning MPs, Houses of Parliament

Government of the Dead Picket Parliament

Government of the Dead calls for citizens arrest of MPs

May 23: Sack Parliament!

Sack Parliament!: Guy Fawkes outside Houses of Parliament

United Campaign Against Police Violence: Scotland Yard Kettle

May 1: May Day Merriment, Bank of England

May Day Flashmob party

May Day – Revolution

April 11: Justice for Ian Tomlinson

Ian Tomlinson Memorial March

Ian Tomlinson Memorial

April 1: G20 Meltdown, Bank of England

G20 – The Laughing Professor

G20 Meltdown: The Movie

The G20 protests: Global Economic Meltdown

Death of the Black Horse of the Apocalypse

The Guardian. G20 Protests

Demotix. Government of the Dead picket Parliament. (June 2009)

Press TV, Canon. Chris Knight debates with Vice President of the Police Federation of England and Wales, Simon Reed (May 2009)

Times Higher Education. Anarchist scholar sued over v-c web disclosure (April 2009)

Times Higher Education. ‘Mr Mayhem’ lifts lid on UEL charges (April 2009)

The Guardian. G20: The revolution will be taught (April 2009)

BBC News. G20 protest professor quizzed (March 2009)

BBC News. G20 protest professor suspended (March 2009)

CNN. Chris Knight, G20 Meltdown (March 2009)

Evening Standard. Meet Mister Mayhem (March 2009)

Evening Standard. Professor Chris Knight renews threats against G20 police (March 2009)

Open Anthropology. Anthropologist Under Attack: University of East London Punishes Chris Knight Over His Public Speech (March 2009)

The Guardian. G20 protests: The laughing Professor (March 2009)

The Guardian. Professor suspended over claims he incited G20 violence (March 2009)

The Guardian. Alternative G20 summit cancelled (March 2009)

The Guardian. G20: The alternative summit will go ahead (March 2009)

The Guardian. Academic questions (March 2009)

Telegraph. Academics and ex-model lead demonstration against G20 summit (March 2009)

Telegraph. G20 protest leaders: the professor, the page 3 girl and the people-watchers (March 2009)

Telegraph. G20 – Protesting Professor Chris Knight (March 2009)

Telegraph. G20 Summit: university professor suspended over bankers ‘hanging from lampposts’ comment (March 2009)

Times Online. G20 protesters take fiery rhetoric and bunting to ‘big tent City’ (March 2009)

Times Online. Anarchist professor Chris Knight suspended after G20 ‘threat’ (March 2009)

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