a) Cognitive & Linguistic Anthropology readings

Course outline


Glossary of terms

Speech act theory workshop questions

Searle’s wall

Interactive sagittal section

Alcorta, S. and R. Sosis 2006 Ritual, Emotion and Sacred Symbols

Arcadi, A C 2000 Vocal Responsiveness in Male Wild Chimpanzees

Arnold, K. & K. Zuberb├╝hler 2006 The Alarm-calling System of Adult Male Putty-nosed Monkeys

Austin, J 1962 How To Do Things With Words

Beaugrande, R de 1998 Performative Speech Acts in Linguistic Theory

Bloch, M 1975 Political Language and Oratory in Traditional Society

Bourdieu, P 1991 Authorised Language

Byrne, R W & N Corp 2004 Neocortex size predicts deception rate in primates

Chomsky, N 2005 Three factors in language design

Corballis, M 2002 Did Language Evolve from Manual Gestures?

Dessalles, J-L 1998 Altruism, Status and the Origin of Relevance

Durkheim, E 1912 The Origins of These Beliefs [Notes on Durkheim and totemism]

Hare, B & M Tomasello 2004 Chimpanzees are More Skilful in Competitive than in Cooperative Tasks

Hauser, M et al 2002 The Faculty of Language: What is it, who has it, and how did it evolve?

Hurford, J R 2002 The Roles of Expression and Representation in Language Evolution

Hurford, J R 2004 Human Uniqueness, Learned Symbols, and Recursive Thought

Kendon, A 1991 Some Considerations for a Theory of Language Origins

Knight, C 1998 Ritual/Speech Coevolution: a solution to the problem of deception

Knight, C 1999 Sex and Language as Pretend-Play

Knight, C 2000 The Evolution of Cooperative Communication

Knight, C 2000 Play as Precursor of Phonology and Syntax

Knight, C 2000 Culture, Cognition and Conflict

Knight, C 2002 Language and Revolutionary Consciousness

Knight, C 2003 Noam Chomsky: Politics or Science?

Knight, C 2004 Decoding Chomsky

MacNeilage, P 1998 Evolution of the Mechanism of Language Output

Melis, A P, B Hare & M Tomasello 2006 Engineering Cooperation in Chimpanzees: tolerance constraints on cooperation

Merker, B 2000 Synchronous chorusing and human origins

Richman, B 2000 How music fixed ‘nonsense’ into significant formulas

Steklis, H & S Harnad1976 From Hand to Mouth

Tomasello, M 2006 Why Don’t Apes Point?

Tomasello, M et al. 2007 The Cooperative Eye Hypothesis

Ulbaek, I 1998 The Origin of Language and Cognition

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