a) Politics of Sex and Kinship readings

Module Guide 2008


Can women rule the world? Washington Post Women on top Marie Claire

Bamberger, J 1974 The Myth of Primitive Matriarchy

Beckerman & Valentine 2002 The Concept of Partible Paternity

Biesele, M 1993 The Creation of the World

Hawkes, Kristen 2004 The Grandmother Effect

Hegel, G W F 1929 [1812] Logic

Katz, R 1982 Boiling Energy

Knight, C 1987 Menstruation and the Origins of Culture. Unpublished Ph. D. thesis

Knight, C 1997 The wives of the sun and moon

Knight, C 2001 Does cultural evolution need matriliny?

Knight, C 2006a The Politics of Early Kinship

Knight, C 2006b Family Ideology and the Crisis in Twentieth Century Kinship Theory

Knight, C 2006c Decoding Fairy Tales

Knight, C 2008 Early Human Kinship Was Matrilineal

Knight, C and C Power 2005 Grandmothers, Politics and Getting Back to Science

Lattas, 1989 Trickery and Sacrifice

Lewis, J 2008 Ekila: Blood, bodies, and egalitarian societies

Lévi-Strauss, C 1978 The Wives of the Sun and Moon

Ortner, S B 1974 Is Female to Male as Nature is to Culture?

Power, C nd(a) The Matrilineal Puzzle

Power, C nd(b) Sociobiology, Sex and Gender

Power, C 1994 Sham Menstruation, Sex Strike Theory and Contemporary Implications

Radcliffe-Brown, A R 1952 [1924] The Mother’s Brother in South Africa

Sahlins, M 1960 The Origin of Society

Siskind, J 1973 To Hunt in the Morning

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