Historical archive documents 1969-1980

Knight, C. (ed.) (1971) The Soldier’s Charter. Written by serving soldiers.
Part One, Part Two

Knight, C. (1971/1984) The Soldiers’ Wives’ Charter. Unpublished document reprinted by Writers, Artists and Media Workers for a Miners’ Victory.

Knight, C. (1972) General Strike! The Chartist, Bulletin of the Young Chartists.

Knight, C. (1973) Centrism in Crisis. The ‘Militant’ and the General Strike. A Chartist Publication.

Knight, C. (ed.) (1976) Sex and the Class Struggle. Selected Works of Wilhelm Reich. A Chartist Publication.
Introduction,The Best of Wilhelm Reich

Knight, C. (1980) My Sex-Life. Women & Labour Collective.
Part One, Part Two, An ending

Knight, C. (1980) Revolutionary Consciousness. Chartist Tendency.
Part One, Part Two

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